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"We know all about the people in the streets."With the most complex monitoring and data gathering tech on the market, we bring you actionable and reliable business intelligence solutions.

Our Services:

We bring you market research, strategic consulting and sociological research solutions.
All analyses are based on the latest state-of-the-art technology and strict scientific methodology.
Urban Algorithmics standardized products fall into three thematic areas:

urban retail

We'll find the best location for your new business branch based on the concentration of your customers. We'll analyze your clientele including the socio-demographic attributes, habits and needs of passers-by (your potential customers).

urban advertising

We'll plan outdoor advertising for maximum impact on your target audience with minimal costs. We'll find the numbers and demographics of people who see your ads and analyze your catchment areas.

urban reality

We'll deliver data about the residents or people passing through the area where you want to buy or build a property. We'll help you sell or rent your property - our data are a strong argument for your customers and tenants.
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We work with a number of partners from the commercial and academic sectors. We supply the data and analyses for companies and local governments or administrations.

We collect the data about people in the streets

Movement in city
Education, income, economic activity, age, sex, marital status ...
Daily Activities

In order to increase your income in the city

data set
Analyses of locations and passers-by business optimization and expansion
Sales and valuation of real estate business potential estimation, data for retailers...
Outdoor advertising demographics outdoor Ad campaign planning, targeting ...